Hi there! 
I’m McKenna, a visual designer and illustrator based in the Bay Area. I work within the scope of marketing and brand, focusing on brand strategy, data-driven campaigns, and user interaction.
I led the production of App Store optimization, social media, and reengagement creatives at Product Madness (mobile gaming), and went on to assist in the marketing endeavors and brand development of Twine and Tally (both fintech). I am currently a proud member of the Chime creative team where I spend most of my time talking Web.

A little bit about me: 
I’m a deep thinker and I like to explore every possibility when making decisions. I’m dependable, playful, and a little bit dorky. I’m a sucker for a good moodboard. I’m not very loud, but I can go on for hours about the things I am passionate about. Talk to me about plants, games, and your so-called “crazy” theories.
Stanford University
The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Twine by John Hancock
Aristocrat Gaming
Some Kind Words
"McKenna continues to be a great example of someone who takes initiative and is proactive. She seems to be constantly looking for opportunities to improve performance."
"She has one of the the most positive attitudes of anyone on the team while also bringing a "no bullshit" vibe to her work, which is understated by the fact that she's one of the smartest people I've ever worked with."
"She's probably the most balanced performance designer I know."
"I think one of McKennas strongest abilities is ingesting lots of data and presenting it in ways that are designer-friendly! This combination of design and analytical skill is a winning formula."
"Mckenna has been absolutely kicking ass."