My primary focus at Chime was on Web, including paid landing pages, organic landing pages, and campaigns.
Working with paid landing pages is a constant evolution as you continually optimize each page based on test results, audience, user experience, and accessibility. Over time, these incremental changes result in significant improvements to the design and performance of the page 
See below Chime's Evergreen LP from 2020 and 2023.



In addition to paid LPs, I also supported the redesign of our organic landing pages in order to improve scroll depth and SEO performance. Through heatmapping our pages, we were able to eliminate elements of the page that weren't serving us and restructure around SEO-driven copy.
See the live pages for Pay Anyone and Fee-free ATMs.

Pay Anyone

Fee-free ATMs


At Chime, I was the lead designer for our App Store and Google Play creatives and Apple Search Ads. I worked closely with the performance team to iterate on our storefront creatives.
Apple's in-app events have multiple benefits, including built-in virality via sharable links, extended campaign reach, and new reengagement capabilities.

As a test of the new system, we launched an event in support of our broader Tax Season campaign in 2022. The event received just under half a million organic impressions within the App Store.
We also pursued placements on the Today tab and search using Custom Product Pages tailored to specific audiences and keywords.
Social, Illustrations, & more

Between Web and ASO, I also supported our Social and People teams with various illustrations and posts, as well as occasionally providing ad creatives to our Performance partners.

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